Being neighbours let’s share some information which looks beneficial to humankind. Below are some practical proven examples which people like us worked and made the extraordinary possible. It looks these ideas can be followed for community building. Untapped, unused potential of community is enormous, let's make an effort to optimize utilization of this potential. 

2010 CNN Hero - Building Free Homes - Dan Wallrath 
The group builds a house (price $250,000) in market for only $75,000 (cost to build). Only 33% of total cost as per market, also customized. 

2018 CNN Hero - Tiny Homes Community Project - Chris Stout 
Because traditional shelters are unsafe or lacking privacy. Started from providing accommodations to needy people in hotels. From there, Tiny Homes Community Project, is now an educational and training tool. Anticipated length of stay is six months but not limited to. Free bus passes from the local transit authority are offered. Now this project is hub for job placement and business development. Served 8,000 people. Reached out to more than 650-plus communities. 

2016 Ludden was honored as one  Top 10 CNN Hero; Since 2001, Ludden and his group have brought transformative experiences to more than 3,000 cancer people. 
When a member of family has some disability or he/she needs some after hospital medical support. The situation becomes same as discussed above in case of traditional shelters.
With a little help, providing full time community support ($15/hr) can save a lot of suffering of the family. Hospital appointed nurses come for 15-20 minutes; sometimes once or twice a day. If someday is skipped, there is an excuse of shortage of staff. While the patient needs full time attendant from same culture which is only possible with family support or community support.
Some patients in our Community Neighborhood (male and female) suffering from stroke and other diseases; now facing permanent disability and need full-time supervision. At home after hospital services provide very limited support. A facility is required on community level. If you know any family in GTA facing same situation and is looking for rehab help after hospital treatment, please contact. So that a collective effort could be launched. Please share your experiences and ideas in community building.
Some communities have arrangements of 24/7 support system while others don't have. The main concept is the availability of traditional government support without knowing the details or exposing to the deficiencies. 
In community, occasionally noticed that a young boy or girl lost the senses and portray unusual behavior due to failed relationship. The main reason is lack of education and training. But the suffering family faces unexpected situation and disturbance. 

Due to lack of community support (knowledge), some of students were not able to get student loans and were behind in education. 

The incidents have been noticed that some precious lives have been lost due to improper information. 

In some cases the communities have managed the residences close to the educational institutes to save the time of students (weather, sickness, exams). 
To save community resources with optimum utilization demands a mechanized guest hosting system that a new comer in the cities need not to be worried of getting overspent. 
What is proportion of show-off, look busy Vs real need of the society.
What about the religious centres, in most cases, these centres open occasionally only few hours per week or per month; do you think keeping open 24/7 contributes to the society?

The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘He who seeks knowledge is as one who spends his day fasting and his night praying. Verily a chapter of knowledge that a man learns is better for him than for him to have as much gold as a mountain and give it all away in the way of Allah.’ 

The one who does not care about the Muslims is not one of them. 
A Hadeeth says,    The best among people is the one who benefits people. 

Al-Ma'idah (The Table Spread) 5:32
Because of this did We ordain unto the children of Israel that if anyone slays a human being-unless it be [in punishment] for murder or for spreading corruption on earth-it shall be as though he had slain all mankind; whereas, if anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind. And, indeed, there came unto them Our apostles with all evidence of the truth: yet, behold, notwithstanding all this, many of them go on committing all manner of excesses on earth. 

Al-Baqara (The Cow) 2:146 

They unto whom We have vouchsafed revelation aforetime know it as they know their own children: but, behold, some of them knowingly suppress the truth. 

Al-An'am (The Cattle) 6:20 
They unto whom we have vouchsafed revelation aforetime know this as they know their own children; yet those [of them] who have squandered their own selves - it is they who refuse to believe. 

Comment: concealing the truth or describing as halfheartedly deliverance with full of confusion or talking of truth without context is not recommended. 

Al-Jumu'ah (Friday) 62:5
The example of those who were ordered to bear (the responsibility of acting upon) the Torah, then they did not bear it, is like a donkey that carries a load of books. Evil is the example of those who have rejected Allah’s verses. And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people. 

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